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Weight Loss Membership

The goal of our weight loss program is to prevent, treat or reverse the complications of obesity and unwanted weight gain, and improve your overall quality of life.

Our Weight Loss Program

Obesity is a serious, chronic, and progressive disease and is associated with a significant increase in mortality and many health risks including Type II Diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol level and coronary heart disease. The benefits of weight loss include reduction in the rate of progression from impaired glucose intolerance to diabetes, decreased in blood pressure levels, preventing hypertension and a reduced cholesterol level. Other noncardiac benefits of weight loss include reductions in urinary incontinence, sleep apnea and depression as well as improvements in quality of life, physical functioning and mobility.


Our weight loss program benefits the individual who is looking to lose a few pounds or a large amount of weight in a healthy and consistent way.

Our Treatments includes

(All Services can be purchased Seperately)
Initial consultation with a medical provider
  • All patients will receive counseling on diet, exercise and goals for weight loss management. Monthly telehealth or in person follow up visits.
Medical weight loss with prescription medications
  • Peptides: Semaglutide, CJC/ipamorelin and more
  • Supplemental vitamins: lipotropic and B12 injections AND much more…..
Nutrition counseling
  • 1 hour initial consultation with a licensed Nutritionist to identify healthy substitutions for weight loss.
  • 30 minute follow up sessions to keep you on track.
Laboratory Testing
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing is completed in order to figure out the root cause of weight gain.
  • This includes a Complete blood count, cortisol levels, Basic metabolic panel, TSH and hormone levels.

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