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Laboratory Testing with Vita Infusion & Wellness

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Patient Testing with Vita Infusion & Wellness

Disease Prevention

Regular blood testing is important for adults who want to prevent life-threatening diseases. With lab testing, these diseases can be detected early, before they manifest into serious medical conditions. Some of the more serious medical conditions include: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, liver or kidney problems, and so on. These tests can also help spot problems related to nutrition status. This includes vitamin, mineral levels, electrolyte levels as well as hormonal imbalances. There are many benefits to having regular blood testing done, that go much further than just disease prevention.

    • Weight loss Panel Plus

    • Basic Weight Loss Panel

    • STI testing

    • COVID-19 Testing

    • Heart Health Pro

    • Heart Health Basic

    • Comprehensive Male Panel

    • Comprehensive Female Panel

    • Male Panel(Saliva)

    • Micro Nutrient Testing